Our Story
The Nawab of Bainganpur and his beautiful blonde wife, Princess Susan were frightfully finicky about their food. Chefs lived in terror but not Zauq Chatniwala. With a passion for herbs and spices, the Nawab had appointed him as Chef-e-Khas thanks to his tasty, tangy and spicy recipes. This won Chatniwala the rivalry of John Kerala, the ousted Chief Chef. One day he sabotaged Chatniwala's dinner preparations by tossing boiled rice in the Mutton Curry, throwing marinated chicken over flames, wrapping kebabs in parathas and turning spicy mashed potatoes into sandwich filling.

Zauq Chatniwala was terrified, but a bite of each made him smile and he proudly served them at the Royal Table. Delighted with the new dishes, the Nawab rewarded Chatniwala with Chatanpur, a State of his own where he could grow acres and acres of Emly and Chilli plantations. Ever fair, he requested permission to share the reward with John Kerala.

"So long as you both keep presenting a variation of this delightful food every day", ordered the Nawab. Hence the various flavours of Biryani, Kebab Rolls, Bun Kebabs and BBQ live to this day.